Tenacre's Salesforce industries focus, Dubai. Media, Creative Industries, Financial Services, Manufacturing, SME Business

Since 2013, Tenacre has built a track record of working successfully with companies across specific industries. We understand these industries very well, and our experience enables us to build better Salesforce solutions for our customers. While each project that we undertake is unique, there are many requirements and challenges that are common across industries.

Our focus on a relatively small number of industries has enabled us to build up this sector knowledge for the benefit of our clients.

Our industries of focus:

  • Advertising, Media & Publishing
  • Creative Industries & Galleries
  • Financial Services
  • Manufacturing, Trading & Distribution
  • SME Business

Advertising, Media & Publishing

Salesforce Industries Sport360 implement salesforce with Tenacre

The first ever project that Tenacre undertook was for Elevision Media in Dubai Media City in April 2014. Since then, we have worked with many more similar companies that required a CRM to be built around their media sales processes. Most of these platforms incorporate customisations that allow the companies to work via media buying agencies, or directly with the client.

The processes built in to the CRM may focus only on core functionality such as the sales process and reports. The projects can be be designed deeper into the post-sales process which involves automatically generating the Media Booking Forms or integrations with the accounting / ERP systems.

Our clients in this industry include Elevision Media, Hypermedia, Backlite Media, The Media Vantage (TMV), CPI Media, Sport360 Newspaper, Moby Group and PropertyFinder Group.

Creative Industries & Galleries

Art Galleries and creative businesses have very specific requirements, many of which require customisation to the core Salesforce CRM platform. Managing client & prospect data, and integrating this with marketing platforms such as MailChimp is straightforward and provides great benefits to the gallery management. The more complex features that we have built for companies in this space involve managing the stock of art pieces, particularly items that are send out on consignment or to art shows.

Many companies in the creative space build their CRM platform over time, adding new features and modules such as Project Management or Inventory Management in multiple phases. Whatever the specific requirement, our consultants understand that the solution that we deliver needs to be simple to use, and backed up with great training and user support.

Our clients in this industry include Artspace in DIFC, and Alserkal Avenue in Al Quoz.

Financial Services

Salesforce is the global standard for companies in the financial services industry. We have worked with companies across the industry (banking, insurance, brokers, IFA’s, ). We have built CRM platforms with integrated marketing automation systems to suit the sales process for each sector.

Sales and marketing has driven the scope for most projects that we have completed in this industry. We have also developed the service management platform for one of the worlds leading insurance companies. This platform provided a support case system (using the Salesforce ‘Service Cloud’), with an integration to the back – end policy platform.


Manufacturing, Trading & Distribution

Tenacre Sharp MEA Salesforce Industries Dubai

Manufacturing, trading and distribution are the primary sectors that we operate. The team at Tenacre has developed our own method to customise Salesforce for businesses that operate a Channel Sales model. This configuration of Salesforce solves the problem of over – valuing your pipeline due to quotations being sent to multiple vendors for the same project.

Most of the projects that we have completed in this industry has involved an integration with an ERP platforms. This integration provides unified data across the marketing, sales, operations and finance departments. ‘Unified Data’ provides great value to companies in these industries. It means that data and records flow through an organisation with more automation and less friction than a CRM platform that is isolated from the other systems.

Tenacre has been hired internationally to implement Salesforce systems in these industries. Our clients include Sharp Electronics MEA, Fagerhult ME, Fagerhult New Zealand, Eagle Lighting Australia, RAW Coffee and Polypipe Gulf.

SME Business

Small to medium sized businesses make up a large proportion of our client base. SME’s business processes can be as complex as any large enterprise, but what is often different is that there may not be a large budget or an experienced team to work on the project.

At Tenacre, we help smaller businesses to design and plan their Salesforce project in layman’s terms so that what is delivered at the end of the project meets the requirement. The second key feature of our SME projects is that we usually break the projects down into smaller modules so that the budget and time commitment is spread out over a longer period.

We can help SME’s to manage budget by using the lower cost Salesforce licenses where possible.


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