Quickstart salesforce packages from Tenacre

Quickstart – Salesforce Packages

Feature rich implementation packages with the assurance of fixed cost contracts

Salesforce packages from Tenacre are a fixed – cost option for any business to get up and running with a CRM platform that has been customised to your needs. The four options that are available have standard features that we know from experience are useful to companies of differing sizes, industries or available budgets. Each package is designed to include the Tenacre best – practice implementation elements of understanding your business goals, system design aligned to your goals, customisation, user training, manager training and post – handover support.

All the work undertaken by Tenacre is completed by our own consultants in Dubai, we do not subcontract or off-shore the development work.

If you are concerned about budget or the scope of work that you need, consider starting your company’s Salesforce system with one of the lower priced options. Many of our clients take this option and then upgrade to more feature – rich Salesforce packages in a later phase. Planning your Salesforce deployment over multiple phases can take make the likelihood of success far greater, as your users can get used to the more basic system features before moving onto the more sophisticated options.

The ‘Platinum’ implementation package includes the unlimited customisation and integration to third party applications such as ERP systems, financial accounting packages or telephone systems using CTi. Salesforce and Pardot are designed to connect to other technology platforms, and the ‘Platinum’ package allows each required integration point to be identified and included in a fixed price contract. Tenacre consultants and developers have experience in using API’s, middleware applications or Appexchange items to connect the Salesforce CRM to other technologies.

Take a look at the four Salesforce packages below. All prices are subject to final confirmation on the scope of work and contract terms.

Salesforce packages from Tenacre Group Salesforce consultants and Pardot Consultants Dubai, UAE

Salesforce Package - Bronze

  • Set up of Company Profile (location, currency etc)
  • Set up of Security settings
  • Establishing of data sharing rules
  • Loading system users and activating passwords
  • Elimination of non - required data fields on Leads, Accounts, Contacts & Opportunities
  • Production of 6 custom reports (3 x Opportunities, 2 x Accounts, 1 x Contacts)
  • Production of 1 Dashboard with up to 3 metrics per dashboard
  • One training session for users
  • Access to standard ‘how to’ videos
  • One month post handover support
  • Limited to Group or Professional Edition licenses
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Salesforce Package - Silver

As Bronze, plus
  • Creation of up to ten custom fields on each object / application
  • Creation of validation rules on each object / application to ensure good data health
  • Production of up to five custom reports
  • Production of up to three dashboards with up to six metrics per dashboard
  • Connecting ‘Leads’ with online contact forms by HTML code for lead automation
  • Customisation of mobile app (Salesforce1) branding and navigation layout
  • Import of standard data (Accounts, Contacts)
  • Addition of data duplication blocking application
  • Addition of mass edit / delete application
  • Three training sessions for users
  • Three month post handover support
  • Access to standard ‘how to’ video’s
  • Limited to Professional Edition licenses
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Salesforce Package - Gold

As Silver, plus
  • Creation of up to ten custom fields on each object / application
  • Production of up to ten custom reports
  • Production of up to five dashboards with up to nine metrics per dashboard
  • Customisation of Products and Standard Price Book
  • Customisation of Quote object
  • Customisation of Forecast object
  • Creation of Lead assignment rules
  • Development of one custom object (applications), up to twenty fields and a custom report type
  • Creation of up to three workflow rules or approvals
  • Creation of ‘dynamic’ Dashboards (Salesforce license level permitting)
  • Three training sessions for users plus administrator training
  • Three month post handover support
  • Creation of customised ‘how to’ video’s
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Salesforce Package - Platinum

Price based on an agreed scope of work
As Gold, plus
  • Integration with third - party applications
  • Development of custom applications
  • Development of advanced business process and workflow management
  • Activation and customisation of other system features
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