Pardot consultants for Salesforce marketing automation

Pardot marketing automation helps to turn leads into customers

Pardot is the B2B marketing automation solution from Salesforce. Tenacre is the certified Pardot consultants in the UAE. We set up the Pardot technology for our clients so that they can get on with using the marketing solutions to create new leads and inquiries for their sales team. The Tenacre Pardot consultant configures the system, including helping your users to create their first marketing campaigns, integrating with your websites & landing pages and creating a library of templates.

Before we hand over the system we train the marketing team on all the marketing automation modules and features.

Marketing automation features

The Pardot platform includes many marketing features that may already be used in your company at the moment such as email marketing or social posting. However, the power of the Pardot platform is that it brings all of your lead generating and lead nurturing tools together in a single platform that is integrated with your Salesforce CRM system. Pardot helps your marketing team to create leads in the first instance, but then to nurture the leads over a long-term with custom designed drip marketing programmes.

As the lead nurturing programme takes effect, the prospects that are being managed in Pardot are lead – scored to reflect their interaction with your website, emails or other content downloads. As each lead reaches a lead score threshold it is qualified automatically and passed straight to the sales team via Salesforce CRM.

System set up by Tenacre’s Pardot Consultants

Tenacre Dubai, Pardot Consultants and Salesforce consultants

Your Pardot consultants from Tenacre can work with your marketing and sales teams to structure some sample customer journeys. Then create drip marketing campaigns that are created specifically to help you convert prospects into customers. The campaign set up by the Tenacre Pardot consultants will also include custom built reports so that the marketing team can see in real time the progress of each campaign. The sales team will benefit from the integration work that the Pardot consultants will do so that qualified leads are automatically assigned to a salesperson, straight into their Salesforce CRM system.


Would you like to know more about Pardot?

If you would like to speak with a consultant or see a demonstration of Pardot, please click here and a Tenacre consultant will follow up with you to arrange a demonstration.



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