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How to use Salesforce Chatter as your company data feed

Chatter is the integrated collaboration tool that’s native in all versions of Salesforce, we often describe it as the ‘Facebook’ for business applications within the CRM. As we deploy projects here in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, we are seeing more and more of our clients find really interesting and effective ways of using Chatter throughout their company.

Here are a few ways that we think Chatter can improve the communication and data flow in your organisation.

1. Keeping track of deals

Salesforce consultants Tenacre help companies implement Salesforce Chatter Using Salesforce Chatter within an Opportunity record in your CRM

Selling is a team sport these days, and it’s unusual for a company not to bring more than one person to help close a deal. If you are either the primary sales lead or supporting the sales effort with technical or product support, its important that you are kept in the loop with whats happening on these sales opportunities in real time.

With Chatter, you can click ‘Follow’ on any record in the CRM (Opportunity, Lead, Account etc.), and as information is changed or updated, the information will be communicated to you via the Chatter Feed.

2. File Sharing

Sharing documents across companies and teams usually means email. With Chatter, files up to 2GB can be dropped into the Chatter Feed so that anybody that’s on that feed can receive it quickly right on their desktop or mobile device. File sharing over chatter feeds directly into the ‘File’ App in the CRM that we understand is being developed aggressively by Salesforce to offer a comparable service to Dropbox or

3. Group Communication

We help our clients to get started with Salesforce Chatter by creating specific groups within Chatter such as Sales, Marketing, Finance or Operations. These groups make it easier for teams to collaboration using Chatter without sharing the data with the entire organisation.

4. Salesforce1 Mobile App

The new Salesforce1 App has Chatter integrated with the mobile interface, meaning that even if you’re out on the road or at a meeting you are still connected to the the rest of your colleagues back in the office. This feature of the app has received fantastic feedback from our clients.

5. Company – Wide Data Feed via Salesforce Chatter

Salesforce Chatter gives everybody in the business real-time information on what’s going on it the business. Most SME companies that we work with, either small teams or companies with over 100 people, tell us that their clients and operations teams are moving so quickly that its often difficult to keep up. The Chatter feed in means that all users of the CRM can see updates coming through in real time. This helps teams that may or may not be in the same office, building or even city have access to important data at the same time.

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