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Elevision Media

Elevision Media use Salesforce to manage their media sales, sites & operations

As you go about your business in Dubai, you’re probably spent time in elevators on your way to meetings  or as you head to the office. As you stand in the elevator and wait to reach your destination, it’s likely that you’ll have noticed a screen at the top of the elevator. The company behind these screens is called Elevision Media, and they have worked with Tenacre to develop a CRM platform. We helped them with their Salesforce setup, and continue to develop the system over time as the business grows and new functionality is required. The first time that Tenacre worked with Elevision the business was just getting up and running, and they had some interesting challenges that they asked Tenacre to help with.

The business requirement

Tenacre undertakes a salesforce setup for elevision media in Dubai

Elevision is an advertising business. Their revenue comes from companies paying money to advertise on the network of screens that they run across Dubai. The process of selling the advertising space is an interesting one, as the advertisers can buy directly from Elevision, or go through one of the many media buying agencies that are located close by in Dubai Media City. Being able to track the relationships between the brands and media buying agencies is important, as is knowing when each brand releases budget for advertising campaigns. Managing this sales process and pipeline was the initial primary requirement for the salesforce setup.

For the network of screens to operate, there’s an entire team of operational staff that need to deploy the screens and networks in high rise towers in the city. The network is deployed in residential areas such as Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) and business locations such as Dubai International Finance Center (DIFC). As the size of the network scaled up (there’s currently over 700 screens), the business needed to look how they managed the vast amounts of technology (screens, routers, wireless networking devices) that would be deployed in each elevator shaft.

There’s also the question of producing the video files for the advertising, there’s an inhouse team that takes care of that too. Being able to have the advertising files ready in time for the start of the advertising campaign is vital. The designers need to work with the sales teams and operations managers to make sure they the process of collecting the copy and images from the client and getting sign off on the final design runs smoothly.

The salesforce setup that Tenacre was asked to produce must address these three distinct business requirements.

The Salesforce setup

Tenacre undertakes Salesforce setup for Elevision Media in Dubai Media City

To start the process of getting the project up and running, the Tenacre consultants ran individual workshops with the sales, network operations and design teams at Elevision. Each workshop was designed to identify the requirements from each team.

Based on these workshops Tenacre created a scope of work that included these key elements;

  • Customise the standard applications.  The customisations allowed the sales team to track sales opportunities to clients directly or through their media buying agency.
  • Develop new applications. We collectively identified the new applications would be needed for asset registers, databases of sites and towers, and a system for tracking technical faults and calls outs.
  • Integrate other applications. The management of the graphic design process was better managed with existing software rather than developing something new. Tenacre set up and integrated the Taskray project management application, this gave the both the designers and the account manager’s control of over the design process.


Client Feedback

Tenacre complete salesforce setup for Niall Sallam in Elevision Media, Dubai Media City

The highly customised Salesforce solution delivered to us by Tenacre Group has allowed us to have far greater control over our business than we would otherwise have managed. Our key activities are media sales and site installations; both areas are planned, executed and evaluated on Salesforce.

Our field installation team use mobile App to update site and project information, and use Chatter to keep the rest of the business up to date.

Our media sales team and partners use the Salesforce reports for their weekly meeting to track all activity against budget. This data is then use in our management and board meetings to show how the business is doing in real time.

Salesforce and Tenacre has given us a platform that has really contributed to our growth. I know of several media companies in Dubai that already work with Tenacre, and I’d highly recommend them to anyone that’s thinking of working with Salesforce.

Niall Sallam
Chief Executive Officer, Elevision Media LLC
July 2013

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