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How Tenacre works

Tenacre was founded on the belief that successful Salesforce projects are based on people, process and technology.

A certified Salesforce consulting partner, Tenacre is located in Dubai and was established in 2013 to help small to medium sized businesses leverage the capabilities of Salesforce.com. We work with small to medium sized companies. Our team, pricing, process and experience have been created to help organisations to take advantage of Salesforce CRM, the world’s leading cloud technology platform.

At Tenacre we understand that helping our clients to get Salesforce setup or configuring the Pardot marketing automation system isn’t just a technical exercise. Our consultants work with our clients at the beginning of each project to understand what the requirements are, what business outcomes are required? Our job is to then build the CRM system around these business requirements. We understand the sales and marketing processes, and we help our clients to use the Salesforce and Pardot tools to achieve better results. We take a long term view of how our clients should gain value from their Salesforce and Pardot investment.

The system configuration that we build in the first instance can quickly become outdated as our clients businesses grow and evolve. When this happens it’s important that the CRM and marketing automation systems are updated to reflect the new processes. Tenacre helps and supports our clients over the long term to ensure that their Salesforce systems continue to be aligned with their business processes.

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Get to know your business and the people that work in it.

  • Understand the challenges and opportunities that you face
  • Prepare Salesforce implementations plans that specify what is to be delivered
  • Complete all development work in our Dubai office
  • Train all users how to use Salesforce
  • Train all managers how to use Salesforce and the key Reports and Dashboards
  • Support users after we have handed the project over
  • Keep you up to date with system updates


Tenacre provides a range of fixed - cost pricing options for Salesforce & Pardot implementations

We have learned that our clients prefer fixed – price contracts rather than implementation packages that are based on estimated development hours that can lead to higher than budgeted costs due to ‘out of scope’ development. Tenacre is the only Salesforce partner in the Middle East that has published pricing packages for Salesforce implementation. This gives our clients peace of mind that their Salesforce implementation project will be delivered to budget.

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Tenacre is and always has been a Dubai company.

All of our work is completed by our own consultants. We do not use offshore developers to work on our client projects. This gives us complete control of the quality of work,deadlines and ability to communicate with clients in real time on the status of their projects.

Our consultants see each project through from the pre-sales to training phases. Having a single point of contact ensures that the collaboration and feedback loop with our clients is quick and accurate.

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