Marketing automation tools with salesforce
Marketing automation with Salesforce
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5 Salesforce Marketing Automation tools for Dubai SME’s

SME’s need to wring every dollar of value out their systems to justify the costs and to push their business forward. Tenacre  has developed some key marketing and sales automation processes that we use for our salesforce projects in Dubai. If you have installed or are planning on going with salesforce as your CRM tool, here are some idea’s that can make your business that much slicker by using Salesforce marketing automation.

Salesforce marketing automation services from salesforce consultants in Dubai Tenacre Salesforce marketing automation dashboards and reports

1. Web to Lead

Web to lead is a standard SF feature that allows your web developer to connect your Contact Us Form to the Leads App. This means that as prospects contact your company through your website, the details are captured as a ‘Lead’ in your CRM straight away.

For slightly more advanced uses of this feature, we can set up the Leads App so that we also capture where each lead originated from (Adwords, LinkedIn, Organic Search), this is really helpful in evaluating the success of each of your advertising campaigns.

2. Auto Response

Your Leads App can be configured so that each prospect that contacts you will receive an email back immediately acknowleding that you have received their message. This email can be personalised to include the prospects name and company name as well, this personalisation is a nice touch that is appreciated by your customers.

3. Lead Nurturing & Salesforce marketing automation

As prospects are pending making a buying decision, we can create a series of rich media HTML email templates right in your CRM which can be sent to each prospect on a regular basis. This lead nurturing activity keeps your company at the front of mind for each prospect, increasing your chances of converting each lead into a sale.

As your salesforce marketing automation campaigns become more effective, consider supercharging your marketing campaigns with Pardot.

4. Lost Sale Analysis

You win some and you lose some, not all leads and opportunities convert into a sale. When this happens we have an opportunity to learn a little about our business, our prospects and our competitors. The ‘Opportunities’ App in Salesforce can be configured so that when a deal is lost, the user is prompted to enter the details of why we lost this particular deal. We normally configure this as a series of dropdown lists so that we can record the reason we lost the deal, and who we lost the deal to.

This information is crucial to allow you to evaluate on a monthly basis your competitiveness, and also gives up reports so that you can see any worrying trends.

5. Emailed Reports & Dashboards

Some of our clients receive a dashboard to their email every morning before they leave for work. The data on the dashboard typically includes the headline data

  • Closed Sales to date
  • Sales Pipeline to date, by sales stage
  • Sales Leaderboard (who in the company is selling the most)

These dashboards and reports are a click of a button away in salesforce, but having them being emailed to you first things in the morning means that you walk into the office each day completely informed and tuned into how your business is performing.

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